Take a trip back to the psychedelic era – a time of carefree spirits – a dream state if you will

This multi-album producer describes his music in several different genres – from acoustic & ambient, to electronica rock and alternative. Okus Dolphin definitely brings about chaos & psychedelia to a fashion of music I have never heard before. It definitely reminds me of the era of The Beatles, psychedelic drugs and a carefree “hippie nation” so-to-speak. I’ve included previews from three of their albums, Spiritual, Mysterious Worlds & Firedragon, so you can hear the wide variety of styles performed by this unique artist.

“Modern Man” on the Okus Dolphin Spiritual Album rated on a 5 Star Rating Scale
Composition: 3 / Production: 3 / Arrangement: 3 / Performance: 3 / Hit Potential: 2

Mysterious Worlds


I have many musical styles on my tracks as I was born Uber-Prolific, I’m afraid, and even one album will have many different genres from Rock to Reggae to Experimental, slow to fast, Electronic to Acoustic etc. I do not like to sound the same on every track like some others (Boring!), so I hope you can try a couple to see how multi-faceted are my efforts.

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