Country songwriter Jimmy Craig Smith has great potential of selling his music to artists & publishers @Musicxray

Jimmy Craig Smith, Texas

Good ole country boy Jimmy Craig Smith out of Hurst, Texas (Dallas Fort Worth area) just started working on a song catalog for artists and publishers this past year and so far he’s doing a pretty good job. With influences and songs that could be compared to Merle Haggard, Keith Urban songs, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers, I believe Jimmy Craig has a handful of songs that have some major potential to be picked up by country artists looking for meaningful lyrics with a catchy melody.

Genres: Country / Pop

Jimmy found us on Musicxray and for songwriters that are looking to connect with artists & publishers that are seeking songs, he couldn’t have found a more perfect place to do just that. More mainstream artists than you realize have picked up their songs from musicians and songwriters like Jimmy Craig Smith, looking to pass along their material instead of being in the spotlight, and I truly believe this songwriter has a very good chance of fulfilling that dream with the unique services offered by

So for all the country artists, labels & producers out there, have a listen to Jimmy Craig Smith – I think you may be surprised :)

5 Star Rating Scale / Composition: 4 / Production: 4 / Arrangement: 3 / Performance: 3 / Hit Potential: 4

Jimmy (James) Craig Smith is an aspiring songwriter from the Dallas Fort Worth area currently working on demo catalog of original country/country pop songs available for publishers, artists, and other interested parties.

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